“Awaken the Fullness of the Heart and the Sovereign Mind”

In harmony with the intelligence of existence, "Awaken" is our essence of being and our oneness through love.

The Awaken collection reminds us that we are far more than a physical 3D reality. By centring our hearts, the Portal of Grace, we have the power to experience the true nature of pure awareness beyond ordinary perception.

« May we awaken to the infinite beauty within and unlock the magical force of self realisation. »

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The B.5D Collection

B.5D (Be in the 5th Dimension) refers to an awakened perception of what is beyond our 3rd dimensional existence.

The seamless tie between I and God, us and the universe, time and space, divinity and eternity in all things, past present and future.

With hope of the ever growing awakened humanity, AWKN1 Jewellery proposes a new code of awakening B.5D:2:B1; Be in the 5th Dimension, to be as 1.

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The Love & Light Frequency Collection

With a Solfeggio Frequency of 528 Hz, as known as the Love Frequency, we resonate at the core of all things, connecting our heart, our spiritual nature and the divine itself.

We are invited to open up to the pure presence through which love itself flows and expands with harmony into the quantum field of existence.

Love Frequency transforms our perception of the world into a blissful, bright and beautiful playground.

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The Whispering Truth Collection evoques the caring, gentle and guiding voice within, revealing the true nature of reality. The whisper is wise, benevolent, loving, nurturing, irresistible.

Multi-dimensional, it blows the divine melody directly to the heart, infusing confidence and peace to the mind.

Listen to what cannot be heard but known, and trust that you are being held by the intelligence of nature that only cares and loves.

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The graffiti collection is a ludic translation of words of wisdom that resonate with the best of our human nature.

From “Peace Maker” that reminds us to keep a loving balance of peace within and with our relationship to the world, to “Be Mystic” which encourages the exploration of consciousness beyond our senses, to different dimensions of existence, acknowledging multiple states of “Bliss”.

Holding “Sacred Space”, “Loving” and “True Good” are ways to shift frequencies to “High Vibes” and enjoy the beauty of your own display of creation.

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